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May 8 2019
Haddock fishing has started and is getting better all the time. The haddock this time of the year are in just 100 feet of water.
The striped bass should be moving in soon, usually 5/20 and 5/30

August 1 2018
Haddock and the striped bass fishing has been very good. Lots of haddock, pollack and reds caught on each trip. School Striped bass have been caught on all trips so far this season with keepers on 98% of the trips.

June 1 2018
Haddock fishing is still good in the shoal water. The striped bass are still moving in. Few small keepers being caught.

May 11 2018
The haddock fishing is still holding strong. We should get another couple of weeks before they go into the deep water

April 26 2017
The haddock fishing has been good. Feds will not allow us to catch and retain Cod. Reports are lots of haddock being caught on the bank. Going east lots of reds, haddock, pollack, cusk are around. Book soon

Jan 23 2017

There are no fishing updates from the Feds as for when the 2017 season will begin. Will keep you updated! Please check back or call me.

May 10-11 2014
Both trips where productive. Lots of cod and a few haddock.

May 3-4 2014
We had 2 trips this past weekend and the cod and haddock were plentiful. Over 70 fish were caught with over 2 dozen keeper each day. Hopefully this will keep up for a while. So book your trip soon.

September 19 2013
The striped bass are still around. There are on there way south. Time to start cod fishing and hopefully some tuna will come through. We have been getting some nice cod inshore everyday we try for them. We have a new way to catch them.Tuna fishing has been picking up this week. I have been hearing of a few being caught. We will be going on out first trip next thursday. All of our previous trips were cancelled do to no fish being caught.

August 10 2013
we are still getting some nice bass. Macs are still here but not plentiful. The tuna fishing is also picking up. Chances are much better then 2 weeks ago but still hard to catch. Cod and haddock has been good all season. Fall fishing for cod and haddock should b heating up soon.

May 4, 2013
The cod and haddock fishing has started off great. Lots of keepers caught on our first trip. The new regs let us keep 9 cod 19inches long. Last year it was 10 fish 24 inches long.

Keeper Striped bass should be here around May 20th or so. Last year was the earliest for a big keeper. May 17th. So get ready! thanks


July 24, 2011
The macs were around all week. Have to get up early to get them easily. Striped bass was been ok but not like all place. Just the regular spots. Yesterday 5 keepers on a 4 hours trip. No blue fish. Big tuna are being caught in the bay off NH. School tuna are mostly out 30 miles. Some bass fishermen have hooked up while bass fishing a couple of miles off Gloucester. I still have a few spots open before Labor Day. Call 508-284-2909 or 800-877-5110

July 24, 2011
The macs are starting to thin out. One day you can get them and the next day not many. Lots of blue fish the last few days. Yesterday some large bass where caught our front of the harbor. Fish in the 30-35 in range are still plentiful.

The macs are starting to thin out. One day
June 26, 2011

The striped bass fishing continues to be the best in a long while. 11 keepers today on a 3 hour trip. 77 so far this season. All because we are able to catch live mac's. The tuna fishing has been slow on the north end of the bank. We are waiting for things to start happening out there.

June 16, 2011
The striped bass have been great. Over 50 keepers in just a few trips. Most of the keepers have been caught in the harbor. No sense in going way out in the ocean when there not much going on. However a big fish or two has been reported out in front of the harbor but not a lot of action. Click on the Face book logo for more pictures. There also have been a tuna around. We are going to give it a look tomorrow.

August 28th
This past week was a little slow fishing for stripers. The beginning of the week was good but then I had one bad day with no bass at all. This was my first time in many years. I hated it!! We did have a few good days too. See below. So the next day after that, I took my charter cod fishing off shore, 20 miles for the same price. There we caught a few nice cod fish. The reason for the lack of stripers was that the live bait moved out of the harbor during the Northeaster last week. The bait and bass will move back in shortly.
On the positive side the cod has been real good and so has the school tuna fish. Lots of tuna sighted during out last cod trip. Just call me and I will give you a truthful answer.
(Click here for tuna clip)
We had this tuna right up to the boat and the hook came out. They fought the fish for over an hour last week.

August 18th
Last week was another good week. All trips with nice fishing. This week the blues were in most of the week. Lots of birds following the blues but one day they were all keeper bass. As you can see in these pictures. Kevin went out two days in a row with lots of action.

We went for a short tuna trip on the 17th and a young foot ball quarterback fought a giant for one hour and pulled the hook just 10 feet from the back of the boat. Still a very fun trip for anyone onboard. See some of the fight here on Face Book.

This week I am booked until Monday the 23rd. Call for the next week or two.

August 11th
This past week has been pretty good. Lots of keepers and a couple
around 45 inches. We did have a couple of slow days with only a couple of fish. The main reason was that we couldn't get any live mackerel. With live macs your chances for a keeper increase by 10 in my opinion. Base on a 4 hour trip. I still have a few days open this month, so give me a call. Below was today's trip. Click here to see a picture of a client that was just not having a good day on the Rough Neck!



Color photos taken and processed on all trips.

If you have fishing photo's from this summer with Ca pt Nick, I will post them in our gallery. Email images to: nick@caww.com
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